Start Your Own Inspection Business

Want to Start your own Pre Purchase Building Inspection Business, but don't know where to start?

Are you sick and tied of being on the tools? Would you prefer to build your own highly profitable business?

There are a few ways you could get into pre purchase home inspections industry.

1. Join a costly franchise that cost's a small fortune (up to $60,000 up front) then restricts you to particular zones/areas, then takes a % of your turn over. Even worse, at the end of they day you won't build any real good will, unlike having your own sucessful inspection business.

2. You could try to set it all up yourself. Problem is where do you start, how do i get the appropriate qualification. mistakes, mistakes. Its a lot harder than you think. Your could end up in court very quickly!!

3. Or let the guys at House Inspections Melbourne provide you with everything required to get up and running in your very own Building Inspection Business. All this for a fraction of the cost of those franchise models.

  1. We offer a package that will provide - All the mentoring in helping your learn the process of inspecting correctly.
  2. We provided you with the knowledge on the safest and best ways to protect yourself, with all the appropriate insurances.
  3. We create your own brand. We also design and build your own custom Inspection website (similar to
  4. We show you the best ways to market your business, including ongoing support and advice.

House Inspections Melbourne will get you up and running. We not only provided you with everything required to set up your own Independent Inspection Business. But we will guide you the whole way, the right way, first time saving you costly mistakes. Best of all, you wont be tied to a franchise model, which is restricted to one zone/area. Your new business will be yours to run how you choose best with our free ongoing backup. 

By purchasing a Pre Purchase Inspection Mentoring Package from House Inspections Melbourne, you can successfully enter the exciting industry of home inspections, where your skills are valuable and you can set your own hours. You can even operate your new inspection business as a home-based business. Best of all, as an new Inspection business owner, you gain greater control over your future and your income.

House Inspections Melbourne will train and equip you with the knowledge, power and confidence to get your business up and running on the successful track. You’ll be in business for yourself, with a sense of independence. Best of all, you won't have to go it alone or try to reinvent the wheel. House Inspections Melbourne will support you, and give you the blue prints that we have developed over years. So you can be confident that you are being trained and supported by experts in the home inspection industry.

Whether you have construction, marketing or sales experience, or you’re just looking for something new in a stable, growing industry, House Inspections Melbourne's can help.

NOTE: Yes there are other courses available, but they are usually only 1 day and spent within a office with up to 10 other trainees. Where as, we train you in the field in either a one on one situation or with very small numbers of up to three trianees at most. We know onsite taining as opposed to sit down in class trianing is a far superior method and critical to your new inspection business success.  

We also welcome interstate trainees and offer reduced start up fee's for anyone in South Australia, Western Australia, Sydney and NT.  

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to give Geoff a call today on 0422228716 or

Click here to view a short video sample showing the type of onsite real time training you can expect from Geoff

Below are a few successful business example we have helped setup...