Timber Pest (Termite) Inspections

Chris our termite Inspector also has over many years experience in the timber pest industry. He's not some builder come pesty. He's the best in the industry.

Worried about termites? (well you should be) Call the Gurus now 0422 228 716 and you'll be 100% fully informed on the risks on termite activity to your property.

Why would you risk letting a builder with minimal experience in termite detection look over your new home, when you can have Chris our specialist Timber Pest Inspector. He's regarded as one of the best timber pest (termite) inspector in the industry. He will inspect and identify all forms of wood decay, termites, and or wood borers. With FREE advice on future safe guarding your property. 

Just be Warned - FACT: Insurance companies wont cover you for termite damage. Is it really worth the risk? 

For a tiny fraction of the cost of purchasing your new home, you can have peace of mind that you’re buying a house that won’t take thousands of dollars out of your pocket in years to come.

Bundle a building and pest (termite) inspection today and we'll assure you peace of mind, knowing you have two highly qualified eyes (Geoff and Chris) looking over your new investment.


This is what we found on recent inspections

  • Termites Previous owners had left debris and timber stored under their house, providing a fertile breeding ground for termites. Understandably, most home buyers miss these hard-to-access areas. Along with the proximity of trees and fences surrounding the property, termites have an easy time causing a lot of underfloor damage, very quickly. Repair Cost: $50,000+
  • Decayed Underfloor Unseen leaking pipes create a haven for termites, leading to long-term damage. Rotten joists had created a sagging floor, with the owner forced to replace the underfloor area, floorboards and carpet. Repair Cost: $12,000+
  • Rotten Internal Walls We discovered decay to internal walls in wood and brick homes alike. Termites need a gap less than 2mm in mortar, ventilation or loose downpipes to reach the internal walls. Understandably, buyers rarely think to inspect these hard-to-access areas on a viewing.

24 month FREE termite management program. 

House Inspections Melbourne do not provide termite treatments. But if our inspection uncovers termite activity, we'll give you a lists of professional firms who conduct termite treatments to safe guard your home. 

They not only protect your home, but once they have completed your initial termite treatment, they will add your home to an 24 month Termite Management Program. If termites are detected within 24 month after their initial treatment, they will re-treat your home FREE of charge. This is a benefit we believe cannot be overlooked by our customers. 

Please Note: House Inspections Melbourne have no affiliation with any termite management firms and provide their contact details purely to help our customer having troubles with termite infestation. Again, we are fully independent and our best interests are only for our customers.

Why our clients are 100% happy with House Inspections Melbourne


Appointments to suit you anywhere in Victoria. We conduct next day inspections not only in Melbourne, but Victoria wide. We welcome you to meet Geoff our principle inspector at the property if you'd like direct and in-person advice. We carry professional indemnity insurance to $1,000,000 and public liability to $5,000,000.


Geoff has 30 years experience in the building industry, and has conducted over 4000 inspection. Our pre-purchase building inspections are carried out to Australian Standards 4349.1, and our timber pest inspections to Australian Standards 4349.3.


Geoff will show you any areas that require immediate attention, with recommendations for remedial works, and estimated costs associated. We will also show you the simple things you can do to check areas yourself in the future.

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